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Time Inc.'s Direct2Time website is the primary source of advertising specifications for Time Inc. magazines as well as general publishing related information.

If you are visiting Direct2Time as an advertiser and require magazine specifications, contact information and other related information, please select a title from the above list.

If you are inquirering about Online ad specifications, click the "Online Tab" at the top and then select the magazine from this list.

Finally if you are inquirering about ad specifications for our Tablet editions, click the "Tablet" Tab at the top and then select the magazine from the list.

A Note about Tablet ads: If you are eligible to run in the tablet edition and are electing to use your existing print creative (straight from print / SFP), the main URL will be activated. Flash is not supported on all devices and it would be best to avoid any links that attempt to run Flash. HTML5 is now universally supported on both iOS and Android devices.

For general publishing related information, please feel free to browse our Industry Links page, as well as the Ad Portal and Virtual Proofing sections.


Attention to all advertisers!

Time Inc. Printers have started rejecting certain font. It has been determined that these fonts can cause problems reproducing on press. Time INc. has put a new Preflight check in place withing the Ad portal to check for these fonts and error the uploaded ad if one of these fonts is found. Please Click here to get more information and what the current list of rejected fonts are. If you have questions, please email or call the Publications contact.