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Direct2Time Print Ad Specifications Online Digital Ad Specifications Tablet Digital Ad Specifications Time Inc.

IAB Universal Ad Package Compliance Seal
IAB Rich Media Creative Compliance Seal

Standard Ad Specs

Ad Product Dimensions File Size Format
300x250 300x250 initial load: 40k
polite load: 110k
.swf/.jpg/.gif/3rd party
450x375 450x375
728x90 728x90
300x600 300x600initial load: 60k
polite load: 110k
970x66 970x66
970x418 970x418
900x500 900x500
994x250 994x250
88x31 5k .jpg/.gif

Rich Media Ad Specs

Ad Product Dimensions File Size Format
max expansion: 728x270 down initial load: 40k
polite load: 110k
3rd party served only
max expansion: 500x500; “auto-detect” Javascript
max expansion: 500x850; “auto-detect” Javascript

Additional Notes:

  • Because the new site has 300x250 Ads in a left rail, all expanding ads (regardless of ad size) need to have a Javascript “auto-detect” in place and expand in the appropriate direction.
  • In order to expand any ads on, please update only styles that you create. Updating any styles or CSS will create adverse effects. Style updates like below should be avoided:
  • When positioning an ad as an “absolute” position, it must be relative to the container that you create that is rendering the ad.
  • When using Flash ads, please set “wmode” to “opaque”. This is to account for when a user is scrolling in the left rail, the ad will go under the menu bar (that lives on top of the left rail) instead of covering it.
  • General Standard/Rich Media Ad Product Specifications Tracking

    NOTE: 4th Party 1x1 impression tracking is NOT ACCEPTED or BILLABLE.

    Animation User Interaction Expandable Ads Audio/Video Border Backup Files Floating/Overlay enabled Ads Flash "clickTag" Specs

    In order for to properly track and report clicks with site served flash ads, please ensure all ads have the clickTag properly implemented. Adobe/Macromedia currently recommends a "clickTag" method to track clicks for flash ads. This method uses variables to pass the click tracking string and URL into the Flash creative movies. As a result, the only text in the URL box is _level0.clickTag (underscore level ZERO period clickTag). _level0. (underscore level zero period) is included for "pathing" purposes to ensure that Flash can properly locate the variable.

    Here is what the coding will look like when you are done:

    For flash files with multiple clickable areas, we accept multiple clickTags as follows:

    NOTE: clickTag is case sensitive
    Hard coded clickthrough URLs will not be accepted

    Flash "clickTag" AS3 Specs Create the button Add the ActionScript to the button Flash files with multiple clickable areas
    NOTE: Up to five (5) clickable areas maximum

    NOTE: clickTag is case sensitive
    Hard coded clickthrough URLs will not be accepted

    HTML5 Specs

    HTML5 is accepted by Time Inc. and will work correctly within HTML5 enabled browsers and environments. If users have the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox, their browser is already capable of handling most code written in HTML5. If a user's browser is not updated, backup images will display instead of the HTML5 creative. HTML5 creative should follow the same advertising specifications as other Standard and Rich Media creative developed for each site. As with other rich media, HTML5 will require testing and approval 10 business days prior to launch.

    Please review the following urls for a current list of HTML5 enabled browsers:


    All Time Inc Digital properties which distribute newsletters adhere to the same general ad product specifications - although specific ad size may vary.

    NOTE: 3rd party impression tracking pixels are not accepted for newsletters.